Holistic Health Solutions is a dynamic, health and happiness coaching consultancy and Clinical Hypnotherapy private practice, that uses a combined complementary holistic approach to design bespoke wellness solutions, for both corporate and community.

Our Holistic Health Programs, inspire positive lifestyle choices that help build a strong, happier, healthier and resilient community.

We happily work with Businesses

With Holistic Health Solutions, HR Directors receive health & happiness strategies that are tailored to fit the company’s unique framework of Values, Vision and Needs. Our unique Health Coaching Programs are designed to support employees to make affirmed lifestyle choices that positively reflect in their health, work, family and social life.

We happily work with Women Entrepreneurs

Owning an enterprise can be stressful, yet Women Entrepreneurs are notorious for pushing their own self-care under the carpet. So, we have designed a Well-Woman Entrepreneur - Reset - Your Energy & Vision Program to help keep Energy balanced and Vision on track to success.

We happily work with our Community

Our 90 day transformational holistic health Program called Reset – Your Health, inspires people to become more self-aware of the relationship they hold with food and body image. We help you to recognize and dissolve destructive behavior patterns, and limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the happy and fulfilled life you deserve to lead.

Power to Cause Positive Change

Our Vision is proudly in line with the UAE Government, Vision 2021: National Agenda, which is to help enhance health, happiness and prosperity for the whole community.